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Cardinals News · Jenasae Bishop Selects Boston College

When Jenasae Bishop visited Boston College, she noticed two important things.

The first was how comfortable the E.C. Central junior felt on campus and with the women’s basketball program.

The second was that when a recruit committed to the school, the coaching staff put her name on a board with a magnet.

When Bishop called women’s basketball coach Erik Johnson to give her commitment, she told him “put up my name on a magnet.”

Johnson then sent her the picture of her magnet, securing her spot after she graduates from E.C. Central in 2018.

“The environment and the people were welcoming,” Bishop said. “It was a place I could call home. It was my first official visit, and as soon as I got there, I knew it would be my last.”

Bishop said she was also considering Xavier and Dayton, but didn’t take a trip to either school before committing to the Eagles.

Bishop, who averaged 24.9 points, 4.5 assists and 3.2 steals last year, plans to major in nursing.

“They have a great academic reputation,” she said.

Playing in the Atlantic Coast Conference against the likes of Notre Dame and Duke will help her be seen by those in the Cardinals program.

“The TV only shows the big schools,” E.C. coach Eric Kundich said. “When they play the Stanfords, the UConns and Notre Dames, that’s when Boston College will be seen. The ACC is a nice place to be. It’s the Indiana of college basketball, one of the best.”

Kundich said college coaches had no problem taking a liking to Bishop, who was noticed as early as her freshman year when she averaged 21.0 points and 3.5 steals.

“There are two main things a college coach is definitely looking for,” Kundich said, “someone who is coachable on the court and someone who carries with her good character off the court. I think Jenasae really fit that mold.”

Bishop said she expected the recruiting process to last longer and make her decision closer to the start of the high school season. However, her quick love for the school and campus made Boston College the easy choice.

“I thought it would take more time,” she said, “but I felt in my heart that this is where I wanted to go and be.”